Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Homemade Christmas Supplies

Sometimes what we want and what we can afford are two very different things.  I often reach for an embellishment or basic crafting supply and come up empty!  That’s when it pays to know how to make your own materials.  Here are eight items that are easy to make and will save you money:

1- Christmas Butterflies – Who says butterflies aren’t for winter? Everyone
should maintain a bit of summer even in the depths of winter. I’ve made my own butterflies by taking some small red and/or green feathers, black chenille sticks, a bit of wire and a glue gun!  Find two sets of 2 feathers the same size. Arrange them like the wings of a butterfly, with the larger two one on each side on the top, and the smaller two one on each side below the.  Cut a short piece of chenille stick and adhere in the middle where the feathers touch. Cut a small piece of black wire and bend in half, then shape the ends in a flat spiral.  Attach with the glue gun at the top of your butterfly body. You can embellish the wings by using a black marker to make whatever designs you like. The photo shown is somewhat like the ones I make, but mine are solid colored and I use chenille sticks for the bodies. Photo credit:   http://www.makeiteasycrafts.com/2012/12/peacock-feather-butterfly-ornament.html

2- Buttons – Need a button to match your page?  All you need is cardstock, a
circle punch, a Crop-a-Dile, some Liquid/Glossy Glass, a glue stick and your choice of holiday patterned paper. Punch five circles from cardstock and one from your chosen patterned paper. Use a glue stick to adhere them in a stack, gluing the patterned paper on top. Use your Crop-a-Dile to punch 2 holes in the center.  Cover the top and sides with Liquid Glass and let dry on wax paper.  You can also paint or ink the top layer of cardstock for a solid colored button or use a shaped punch, like a heart, to make shaped buttons. Here's a tutorial to show you how this is done: https://www.inkingitupwithcathy.com/2011/10/technique-tuesday-buttons-from-stampin.html

3- Distressed flowers –
These flowers are simple.  Just tear (don’t cut) pieces of coordinating holiday papers into three or four circles, each one just a little smaller than the last. Distress the edges by rubbing them to curl them up.  Layer largest on the bottom to smallest on top.  Attach with a brad. This site has not only a tutorial for these flowers, but for 4 more paper flowers!   https://www.craftsy.com/paper-crafts/article/easy-paper-flowers/

4- Patterned Paper – Need a piece of patterned paper in a specific theme or color.  Make it yourself!  Get out your ink pads and holiday stamps. Starting with the largest images, stamp a few times in a random way.  Stamp from largest to smallest images.  Need shine? Use Stickles or metallic gel pens. Need texture? Use embossing powder, microbeads and fun fur. Too much white space? Spritz with Glimmer Mist!

5- Pinwheels – All you need is holiday-themed, double-sided paper, cut into
squares, a pair of scissors and a brad. The size of your paper squares is determined by how big you want your pinwheels. From each corner, cut toward the very center of your square, almost but not quite to the center (otherwise you would have four triangles!). Now bring each corner of your square toward the center, overlapping the ends.  When all four corners are gathered in the center, use a piercing needle to make a hole and then hold the pinwheel together with your brad. You can check out the tutorial at: http://itrydiy.me/2014/02/mini-pinwheel-bouquet/

6- Faux Snow –
I love to give my cards dimension and texture, but I don’t have the money all the time to go out and buy 14 different colors of FlowerSoft.  I found that if you rub a couple of Styrofoam balls together, the resulting “dust” can be used just like white Flower Soft, so your winter cards can really POP with the look and texture of snow! 

So, did I miss something?  Got a secret DIY project that will save us all money?  Tell us what YOU do to make your own supplies!


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Suzanne H said...

I just found your blog through Beccy's Place November 2018 challenge card entries. Thanks so much for these tips. I was wondering what "Flower Soft" was and this is a great tip.