Thursday, August 23, 2018


Cards as Gifts

This month we are doing something a little bit different for our monthly 'informative' post on the 12 Months of Christmas. While we spent our first two years discussing various holiday traditions, offering up some recipes last year, and then sharing some crafts in the earlier part of this year, we've decided to consolidate. This new monthly post will highlight All Things Christmas, from decorative ideas, crafts, recipes, traditions and everything in-between. And we're starting with an idea so amazingly simple you'll shake your head and say, "why didn't I think of that?"

The idea came to me as I was listing out the various family and friends to whom I give gifts. My best friend (not a crafter) loves when I send her cards, and one year she asked me to gift her with a set of cards instead of a "present".

Why didn't I think of this sooner? Almost everyone uses cards, to send birthday wishes, notes of thanks, or to cheer someone up. I still have friends who write letters inside cards to update me on what's going on in their lives. So this got me to rethink the way I create my cards.

Often when I make a card, I'll print the image I'm using twice, and make two cards instead of one. This gives me a surplus of cards on hand when needed, or in this instance, to put together as a Christmas gift.

For my grandmother, I used to follow the calendar with each family member's birthdays, creating a card for my Gram to give to all of us in the family. I even put the cards in their envelopes and set them in order from January through December. That way she only had to pull out the first card, write a personal note inside and sign the card, knowing that it would match the person whose birthday was coming up.

For my co-workers, I've created sets of monogrammed cards, matching my designs to their own personal styles. Since I worked in a school, there were always kids and families who gave us each a little gift at Christmas time, and those cards came in handy for thank you notes.

A gift of themed cards, like Get Well or birthday cards, is a cute idea. Another is to just create a couple of each type of card into a set. However you mix them up, you can cross names off your list while giving your family and friends handmade, beautiful gifts that you know will be used. I love getting a card in the mail from a friend for whom I've created that particular card!! 

The great thing about this kind of gift-giving is that you can start at the beginning of the year, creating cards when you have the time (just like you're doing here by creating Christmas cards all year 'round). I especially like to make and give Christmas Thank You cards, since almost everyone receives gifts.

Sometimes I will create a specific type of card for all the challenges I join and DT cards I make. At the end of a month, I can end up with eight or nine Thank You cards, and the next month have a dozen Birthday cards that I can use and put away for gifting.

When it comes to the "wrapping", you can package them in an already-decorated box or decorate one yourself with goodies from your holiday stash (think boxes that quick meals come in like Mac & Cheese boxes, etc.). Another great idea is to make your own card box out of your leftover supplies. There are several tutorials on YouTube whose videos I have linked in this paragraph.

Another simple way is to make or use a gift bag. Put your card set into the bag, fold the top over and punch 2 holes in which to thread some festive ribbon. You can add some jolly jingle bells or an ornate ornament. Or you can just stack your set of cards and tie them up with an organza ribbon and call it a day. 

Even in this age of social media, people still like to send cards to friends and family to stay in touch, congratulate them or wish them a very Merry Christmas. Just like we all do!! So spread the love by sharing your artwork as presents and everyone will have the merriest Christmas.

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This is a great idea Pat. Thanks for sharing!