Sunday, December 21, 2014

The 12 Days of Sponsors: Spotlight on February--Ike's Art

Hello!  Today we are going to continue with our spotlight, introducing all of the sponsors that we have lined up for you for 2015!

Today we are going to look at our sponsor for February, Ike's Art.  Check it out...
Hi there – I am Ike……a nickname that I got hooked with many years ago due to my surname, and in my profession at that time, …… they just loved  to give nicknames ☺.
I live in Greece and have a passion for kitties ☺
I am a complete nutter or should I say I’m ‘zany’ hahaha.  I have a very strange/sick sense of humour and I must admit I spend a lot of time talking to myself. !!  Well, I get more sense out of me.!  I reckon in a few years I shall be known as the “crazy cat lady”  ☺

I am an artist and have a strange mind when it comes to creating my art. I either go completely true to life… right down to the last hair… or I go totally surreal.   I have a passion for all things horror/Gothic etc. I’ve always loved horror films and books and I guess that’s why it creeps into my stuff !  Had I been a bit younger I swear I would have been a Goth……luuuuuv it.
Next time around I am gonna be a witch or a cat ☺

I started my Blog a couple of years ago and although I love crafting, my real passion is drawing, and now I just love making digital images.
My SHOP is IkesArt found at
My Blog is Ikes World and is at
Exclusive designer for Smeared Ink

 Please make sure you take a trip over to Ike's Art and see the unique digital images that Ike has to offer!! We know that she'd love to have you visit.  You can click on the watermark or follow any of the links listed above to heck out Ike's work.

Thanks so much to Ike for her generosity in sponsoring us next year!

Stay tuned tomorrow when we meet our next sponsor!


KT Fit Kitty said...

Fabulous sponsor! I'm a big fan of Ike's Art! It was fun to read all about Ike! I share her love of kitties!

Pat said...

Can't keep me away from February! Love Ike and her art!