Friday, February 23, 2018



When I started buying craft supplies, my husband looked at my pile, and said, "Don't ask for money to buy any cards or tags or wrapping paper now that you can make your own."
And you know what? I haven't bought any since, not because of the tyrannical (and teasing) "command" my husband made, but the fact that  I could make it all!
I started out small and easy, saving all my small strips of excess cardstock I had cut off of my card and scrapbooking projects. I admit, I was a hoarder even with these tidbits of paper. Lucky for me they turned out to be treasures, especially around the holidays!
I pulled out a handful of excess paper pieces, some holiday stickers, ribbon, and even scored a few 3x3 calendar cards that I saved from who knows what year! And here I am, ready to show you why you should a) save your strips of paper, and b) never buy those cheap little Christmas tags, even when they go on clearance, because you can create better ones in minutes!
I cut my cardstock papers into the tag sizes I wanted, and using a white gel pen on the colored tags, drew dashes or dots (or both) around the edges, forming a vivid border. I added a small sticker (see tag #1) or doodled a bit of holly on the corners of each. that took me less than a minute!
I also had patterned cardstock pieces, which I treated the same way, using a colored gel pen for doodling the borders, but these have a pretty pattern on their backs (see tag #2)
If you want, you can make the same tag, but adhere it onto cardstock, punch a hole in the top and string ribbon, string or whatever you have on hand for a different look (see #3).
Remember the 3x3 calendar cards I mentioned? I cut up the Christmas ones and wrote my message on the back of the picture (see tag #4). Easy peasy!
Finally, I had found some leftover Christmas stickers, which I don't necessarily like to use on my cards. So I placed the sticker on cardstock, folded it and cut it to a size that could be folded (see tag 5). My message is on the inside. I often use these to accompany gifts for neighbors or friends.

All the tags in the photo took me at most five minutes, and if I hadn't had to take my dog Wilson (left) for a (very chilly) walk, I could have made enough tags to cover next Christmas in minutes. I ask you, could you say no to that look??
Once I have my tag stash, I'll have to put them away until the holidays,  but finding where I put them will be the real test. Maybe I should make a Tag Stash Box to go along with the Card Stash Box?? Hmm...

There are so many ideas and such a lot of inspiration on the web. You can take that same pile of paper pieces and use your punches to create Christmas trees and snowmen. You can even punch your paper and after punching, cut a tag shape around the punched shape.
Paper isn't the only craft supply I've been hoarding over the years. I have an overflow of buttons and rarely use them, so I like this idea for tags, compliments of The Xerxes, care of Pinterest.

Just a couple more ideas for you and I'll log off (I do have a tendency to go on and on). Whenever I'm at the hardware store, I always check out the paint department. I love to pull out a few (several) paint chips and create with them once I get home. They make great Christmas tree tags like the one on the left that I just created. The ombre look of the colors makes it especially perfect for a tree. I also found a "deck" of Tim Holtz Christmas cards and used my first one on my tag today.

Last one, I promise. I love making this next type of tag for host/hostess gifts (photo on right). They're perfectly fitted for them- literally! These tags were up for sale on Etsy from foryoumarilyn, but they are currently unavailable. But just think, you could easily make them yourself. They are really just extra long tags with a circle punched at the top to fit over the top of a wine bottle. You could even personalize your tags for each host or hostess, along with their favorite wine!

So that's all for part one of Tags, Bags and Bows. Next month I'll show you some interesting takes on homemade gift bags (and a few gift boxes). Until then, happy crafting!


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

These are some fabulous ideas Pat. I would never have thought to use scrap bits of my cardstock to make tags! You're so clever! Love the look of the hanging button 'ornaments' and that paint chip tag is such a cool idea!!! Will definitely have to keep these in mind! Thanks so much for sharing!


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

p.s. I meant to say how adorable Wilson looks with his little botties and coat on. Too cute!!! -L.